Sunday, July 8, 2012

Failure Is Not An Option

We’re living in a tough economy.  Everywhere we look people are struggling with their current financial situations.  Many have or are in the process of losing their homes through foreclosures.  The financial institutions that caused this crisis in the first place, are having no mercy on American families.  People have given up hope and some are contemplating what they believe is the inevitable.  For some the inevitable means downsizing from a larger space to a much smaller one.  For others it may mean moving back home with parents or friends.  Yet for others who see no mode of clarity through the clouds and fogginess of their circumstances, it may mean something worst or God forbid, much more sinister.  Before you even begin to examine what the inevitable means to you, tell yourself, whisper if you have to, that “Failure is not an option.”  Say that phrase over and over again, even if you don’t believe it!  Tell yourself that failure is not an option.

I use to look at failure as a loss.  That somehow if I failed at something I put time into, I was a failure.  I’m talented, smart, paid my way through college and basically done everything right in order to achieve the American dream.  What was I doing wrong?  Why wasn’t I getting ahead in the game of life?  And the most pressing question, what was wrong with me?  Then a voice from deep within, I call it God you may call it something else, said, “Nothing.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  Continue to passionately follow your dreams, help others along the way and diligently learn from your mistakes.”

What I didn’t realize was that failure is part of the journey of success.  Successful people fail all the time at their attempted endeavors.  It’s part of the process of learning and without it there’s no intellectual development or personal growth. Therefore, I decided that what I needed to change was my attitude and outlook on where my aspirations fit within this global economy.

One area of life I had to honestly look at was; how was I committed to refurbishing my dreams into reality?  What were the processes I was willing to go through in order to create a comfortable life for myself doing the things I felt creatively passionate about?  Most importantly, how was I preparing to make that happen when the steps I had been taking weren’t working?  Then that same voice said, “Take different steps.  It’s never too late to change direction in order to get a clearer vision.”

We have to start looking at our lives and the way we conduct our business differently.  Our world is changing and the corporate structure by which we do business and become employed is gone.  No longer are the times when you could work at a company for 25 or 30 years and retire with a gold watch, celebrated commemoration, and a full pension.  Today corporations are merging and constantly downsizing.  They’re combining several fulltime jobs into one.  Many of these same corporations are shipping jobs overseas and not because it’s cheaper so their businesses can stay afloat, but because they want to enjoy larger profit margins.  They are squeezing American workers and won’t be satisfied until there is blood in the streets, because in the end, that also creates larger profits.

What can we do when we’re so stressed from the daily grind of living?  What can we do when we realize that these companies we work for, that we give our hearts to, don’t give a damn about our well being and could care even less about our future?  Give up? Go postal?  No, we develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

In today’s economy corporations and other entities are in the business of squeezing as much productivity out of you as humanly possible, and when you burn out, they’ve already created an environment that allows them to push you aside and hire the next person in line desperate enough to take your place.  Now, more than ever before, is the time to figure out ways to turn your passions and skills into viable sources of income and multiple streams of revenue.  Even if you’re currently working at a job you love and are passionate about, start thinking of ways you can turn those skills into income, even if it’s part time.  Within today’s technological arena, you can realistically build an empire right from your own home, doing the things you love and offering those skills and/or services to others.

Maybe you work as a security guard.  Take those skills that you’ve learned and figure out how they can become profitable for you.  Maybe you can blog about the daily woes of being an unappreciated, undervalued and underpaid security guard. Maybe you can start a security guard training center. Maybe you don’t even like security, but gardening is your passion.  Use security to fund your livelihood while writing about your different gardening technique and methods.  There are people who will pay for your common expertise.  Be open to figuring out ways of turning your passion into profits because when you do, your entire reality will expand and you will begin to live without failures, but with triumphs.

Now is the time to turn your dreams into reality.  Others are actualizing theirs everyday.  The only difference between them and you is that they made the decision that they could. So can you.  Decide for yourself that failure is not an option.  Then go out into the world more enlightened and better prepared to challenge yourself into becoming the best you possible. You’re not dead, so it’s never too late!


  1. Love it Failure is not an option, when I read ur article I am reminded of looking at a half of glass of water not as half empty but as half full meaning seeing a positive way of looking at life and not a negative way. As always best of luck...

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. A "half full glass" is another few days of survival as far as I'm concerned. Have a great day!


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